Welcome back to Doering&Co. Real Estate’s blog series where you’ll meet each member of our team in the most inviting way possible—at home.

This time around, meet Realtor Lynn Loyola from our Elm Grove and Waterford locations. When you meet Lynn, she has an energy about her that’s magnetic. Attribute that to equals parts being a “people person” and an “energy expert” in her former career…

Why did you get into real estate?

My former 25-year career as an interior designer inspired me to go into real estate. I loved creating spaces for my clients that harnessed their positive energy and reflected their lifestyle. I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge about the real estate industry from both being an interior designer to selling my own homes throughout the country.  It was a natural fit for me to apply my skills combined with the experience of homeownership.

What makes you excited to get to work each day?

I get excited knowing that I’m putting my skills to the test every day as a realtor. I’m a people person by nature, so customer service is important to me. I deliver the highest form of communication and expectations to my clients. Being able to access all my life experiences and use my skills to help others obtain their goals is thrilling.

How are you different from other realtors?

What makes me different from other realtors is my ability to assess my clients’ needs from a design standpoint.  My biggest attribute is helping my clients gain more worth for their investment.  I also think that my Feng Shui and interior design background gives me an edge in understanding how important it is to make a house become a home for my clients.

If you could have a famous person (historical or current) over for a visit to your home, who would it be?

So many wise people have passed through the ages and have left their undeniable mark on history.  If I could choose a historical person it would be someone who made a difference in people’s lives to this day.  I have a love for people who can articulate words that humble me. I would love to spend some time with John Muir for his fascinating and undeniable connection to nature.

What’s your favorite room in your home? Explain why. 

My favorite room in my house is my family room. It has a view of Lake Michigan with lots of sunshine pouring through the windows.  Our family room is a gathering place for family and friends, and where we’ve made the most memories, from crawling grandbabies to celebrating our holidays together.

Let Lynn Loyola help you make new memories in your next dream home—contact her at 414-380-1405 or at [email protected].

About Doering&Co.

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