Our Performance Platform

Most sellers are overwhelmed by the process of selling their home. Predicting its value, adjusting to ever-changing market conditions, having the wrong expectations, and negotiating a deal are just a few of the many issues that affect today’s sellers. With the wrong agent or no agent, the home-selling process can seem daunting. Know that we are here to help you, and are on your side. There is a better way to do real estate.

Doering&Co. has brought a tool that is revolutionary to the real estate industry. We have developed a performance-based platform that looks out for the best interests of you, the seller. This platform holds us, the agents/agency, accountable for the list price of your home that we suggest. If we sell your home for less than what we valued it at, then we’ll reduce our own commission to make that sure you, the seller is made whole at the end of the day. 

Why do we do it this way? We believe something had to change. In 2018 the average price reduction on a listed home was over 6.5%, and above 12% in some municipalities. In addition, the sellers were then still expected to pay the standard real estate commissions of 6%, even with the disappointing price reduction. This doesn’t include the other costs sellers absorb such as holding onto and paying for property that sits unsold month after month, potentially due to being listed at an incorrect price. We believe a situation like that is not fair to you or any of our clients, and that’s why we created the performance-based platform.

So how do we do it? There is no magic to our success, just hard work, resources, and years of industry experience. Our agents will calculate your home’s value by using active, pending, and sold properties within the past 6-12 month period, taking into account the uniqueness of your property. We also use a future market approach examining the trend of appreciation in each municipality and pair it with our hand-selected appraisal companies to establish a third-party opinion to benchmark a true value for your property. By doing this, Doering&Co. will establish the expectations, and then provide the framework for us to be held accountable for the value we suggest to sell your property. We establish this framework within ten days with two scheduled appointments. After that, the rest is our proven recipe for success and client satisfaction.

We have a clear goal: to establish expectations upfront and base commissions on the performance of the agent/agency, thus providing you, the seller, with more control and certainty. By choosing Doering&Co. you will receive more than just a great experience and a service to sell your home. You will get a team of professionals that are looking out for your best interests. Together we will genuinely help advise and layout for you the clear, honest expectations for selling your home for its best possible and sensible price so there are no surprises. If we fall below or fail to meet our target value, then we reduce our commissions. It really is that simple. This promise makes us accountable for the results we achieve!