Buyer Testimonials

“I contacted Jeremy looking for a realtor who could creatively attack a volatile market to get my family in a situation which not only placed us in an ideal location but also a situation where we could start an investment portfolio. My experience with most realtors has taught me that listing a home and showing a home are the minimum standard in the business, most realtors fulfill. Jeremy started our relationship with full commitment by devising a plan of attack different than any other realtor we spoke with and impressed us with his follow thru. Once we found our property his professional team had only 3 1/2 weeks to manage all nuances and negotiations amidst the challenges presented by a global pandemic. The team was timely, kind and professional. We were fully informed at all points and felt our needs were being met. To top things off Jeremy and his no nonsense style of negotiating asked for a drain tile test on our behalf. I had not spoken to him about such a transaction, he took it upon himself. The test was approved by the selling agent. Once it was completed its results indicated a need for tile replacement… a $7,000 expense. He negotiated the replacement cost as a part of the deal. All these circumstances occurred amidst a volatile sellers market in a sought after location. We are now living in comfort and confidence in a home which is resting upon a great lot. We have serenity with our situation due to the thoroughness and actions this experience presented us. I don’t write reviews often, if ever. However, I cannot miss an opportunity to advocate for such professionalism. Jeremy and his team set a high standard. When I expressed my gratitude for how he treated my family by exceeding our needs, he simply expressed that he tries to approach every real estate transaction as if it was his own. I can testify the truth of this matter.”

Jeff Rothmeier

“When I first met Jeremy at an open house, he asked me if I was working with a realtor. I said no and told him that I’d never met a realtor that actually did any work. Without hesitation, he set out to prove me wrong. Right there on the spot, he showed me a listing in which he thought I’d be interested. There began our journey to find me the home of my dreams. I worked with Jeremy for several months viewing homes and passing on homes. When I found the home I wanted, he guided me every step of the way, including numerous negotiations. Jeremy spent a lot of his time making sure we kept the process moving forward and kept fighting the fight with me and keeping the high ground with a tough seller and agent. Jeremy was truly a partner in my home-buying process and he always made me feel like I was his only client. I wouldn’t recommend any other realtor.”

Jennifer Heath

“Jeremy recently helped me find my first home! As a first time home buyer, Jeremy was a godsend. Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable in the structure, value and deferred costs of any home. Each and every showing he would point out areas in which were both good and bad value, which any home buyer should appreciate. He takes his job very seriously and works to look out for his clients first, rather than just doing it for the sale. He went above and beyond the expectations of a realtors responsibility in order to ensure that I got the best investment. Jeremy is a realtor that will have his clients back no matter what. I recommend 10/10.”

Megan Matty

“Jeremy did a sensational job finding us our dream home and protecting us as we negotiated all the the details throughout the offers and purchasing process. He is fantastic at protecting you the buyer. Thanks to the team of inspectors he brought through, we discovered key concerns that needed to be fixed. Then Jeremy’s negotiation skills in representing us helped get all those issues fixed. Its been a year in our home and we are so grateful for all Jeremy did to get us in here.”

Mike Domitrz

“If you are looking for a dedicated and professional realtor that is legitimately focused on the best interest of his or her customers than I strongly demand that you partner with Jeremy Doering. We say “partner” rather than signing an exclusive right to represent contract because that is what you get with Jeremy; a Partnership. We have personally had some less than favorable purchasing & selling experiences over the years. While our last purchase was just finalized the first week of June 2017 with Jeremy, it was a long rollercoaster ride in an extremely completive market. After dealing with multiple realtors over a six month period, Jeremy stepped in and kept us on course and we now are living in our dream home. Not only did Jeremy take the lead on getting a below asking price accepted in this market, he negotiated in several upgrades, remediation’s, and an additional 2k off closing costs! Jeremy and his team were dedicated to finding exactly what we were looking for and their commitment lead to several late night calls, emails and over 30 houses visited. Even once we had an accepted offer on another house, Jeremy advised us on moving on based our concerns resulting from the inspection report. His understanding of our true desires put us at ease with our decision to walk away and continue on our journey which resulted in an accepted offer on a more satisfying home for our family for less money just a couple of weeks later. Again, if you want a game changer in this market or just someone who is dedicated to your best interests, then reach out to Jeremy, or ourselves through this review to further discus our recommendation and journey with Jeremy.”

Mr. & Mrs. Hage

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