All of us here at Doering&Co. understand that one of the largest concerns in the home selling process is the lack of proper expectations between the sellers and their agent; whether issues of upfront pricing, communication, or delivery of services, we’ve heard them all. Because of this, Doering&Co. has specifically designed a performance-based platform to hold the agents/agency accountable for the suggested list price of your home: if we sell your home for less than what we valued it at, then we’ll reduce our commission. This promise makes us accountable for the results we achieve! We empower everyone with this platform and, most importantly, provide you with more control, certainty, and peace of mind.

We’ve done our research. After thousands of conversations with clients, Doering&Co. knows that as a client you expect a common-sense approach to the selling process whereby you will net the most money for your home in a timeline that suits your personal needs. Doering&Co. accomplishes this approach by adding value to the real estate experience through the use of the above-mentioned performance platform paired with our vendor relationships, cutting-edge marketing strategies and on-point client communication.

Together we will set clear expectations to sell your home for the best possible price. We will work hard for you here at Doering&Co. because we love what we do. We pride ourselves on taking responsibility for our clients by bringing them to a successful closing. In addition, we want you, the seller, to have an experience with us at Doering&Co. that is graced with impeccable and open communication. With us on your side, you will have a team with an unmatched ability to negotiate, manage, advise and deliver to the highest degree. Contact us today to get started!

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