If you’re thinking about buying a waterfront property in Wisconsin, you found the company meant for you. A little time invested in learning about Waterfront living will pay back sizable dividends in matching your expectations to the realities.

These questions below may help get you thinking:

  • Why do you want to own waterfront property? How far are you willing to drive?
  • How do you envision spending time there?
  • How many times a year will you be able to visit when you consider your other time commitments? Will you be able to stay all summer or just on weekends?
  • How often do you have guests or extended families?
  • What types of recreation do you enjoy? Do you want a quiet lake for fishing and enjoying nature, or a busy lake for waterskiing and big parties?
  • Do you enjoy yard work or would you rather sit back and take in the scenery? Will you landscape or enjoy the native vegetation?
  • Are you willing to help take care of the lake or river and accept the regulations and restrictions that may be in place to protect it?
  • Are you willing to share your waterfront with others?

If you decide you definitely want a place on the water, the next step will be to determine your budget, both for money and for time. Cost Items to consider: installation or repair of erosion control/shoreline, removal of muck or invasive species or nuisance plants.

**When you purchase land on the edge of one of Wisconsin’s Lake or Rives, you are essentially buying property on the edge of a “public park”. Wisconsin Public Trust Doctrine grants rights for all of us to use the water on the state and grants waterfront property owners’ certain additional rights.

When you buy waterfront property, you assume part of the responsibility of caring for a lake or river. Your actions on the land as well as in the water affect the health of the lake or river.

Consider Lake Type: Is the water coming from upstream or underground. The land area that drains to or flushes with dirty water add pollutants. If a lake has a dam, it is actually a flowage. Can the water levels vary, lake can experience significant water level fluctuations that raise the water level multiple feet.

Rivers and flowages are dynamic- How much silt is entering the flowage from upstream?

Assessing the community-Community character. Any local groups, associations, watershed group, are there dues? What kind of projects have they completed and what are they currently working on? Are there million-dollar mansions, rustic fishing shacks, bait shops, noisy taverns, boat landings, parks, restaurants, campgrounds, resorts.

Location on the lake or river: Each lot has advantages or disadvantages depending on its location and your personal preference. How it is situated naturally affects the light quality inside of the house as well as the view from it. If a house is located on the west side of the lake you’ll see gorgeous sunrises. Does this make a difference to you? Can you see the lake from the house?

“There are many variables to buying a lakefront property. Please consider our company as a valuable resource to buy or sell.”

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