WELCOME MAT Wants You to Meet Jeremy Doering

We hope you’re enjoying Doering&Co. Real Estate’s WELCOME MAT series where you’ll meet each member of our team in the most inviting way possible—at home. In this post, time to meet Principal/Broker Jeremy Doering from our Elm Grove and Waterford locations…

Over the past 17 years, Jeremy has worked as a full-time licensed Real Estate broker in three different states. This has given him a broad perspective on how to provide distinctive service and protection to his clients.

Why did you get into real estate?

I was fresh out of college in 2001 when I purchased my first duplex. The whole process intrigued me—that’s when I wanted to learn more about real estate as a career.

What makes you excited to get to work each day?

I’m a big believer in seeing each new day as a chance to leave your mark on the world, have a positive influence on the people around you, and make a difference. In this business, I get to do just that by working with different people and sharing my passion and excitement about how we work at Doering&Co. I get to help people celebrate their livelihoods through my commercial real estate clients and foster fond memories through my residential clients—it’s a path and legacy I’m proud to leave behind each day.

How are you different from other realtors?

Having been in the trenches for 19 years, I hold myself to very high standards. I’ve developed an unmatched company platform that delivers more transparent, accurate, and accountable service than our competitors. My real estate experience spanning three states has helped me adapt quickly, develop strong relationships, and lead with determination.  When I was in Las Vegas and San Diego from 2004 to 2011, those extremely complex and evolving markets taught me a ton about managing emotions and challenges strategically. I also think my experience as a former athlete serves me well in this industry. Athletics taught me to be aggressive, never to let up until the whistle blows, always be respectful, play hard, have fun, and rise to the occasion.

What makes our company different is how we volunteer and support local charities, specifically Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee and United Way of Racine.  We contribute a portion of each agent’s commissions per transaction and match it at the end of the year to these organizations.  Also, our culture strongly encourages our agents to volunteer and participate in events that support these organizations.

If you could have a famous person (historical or current) over for a visit to your home, who would it be?

Vince Vaughn. Since he’s one of my all-time favorite actors and comedians, I’d love to kick back with him and let it rip!

What’s your favorite room in your home? Explain why.

Hands down, the kitchen is my favorite room in our home. My family and I love to cook together. Plus it’s where we cherish gathering with loved ones around good food and drinks.

Ready to put Jeremy’s experience and company philosophy to work for you? Contact him at 262-853-1936 or at [email protected].

About Doering&Co.

As a full-service real estate company, Doering&Co.offers something revolutionary to the industry: a performance-based platform that looks out for the seller’s best interests by holding the Company accountable for their suggested list price and reducing their own commissions accordingly.  The mission at Doering&Co. Real Estate is to modernize the experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of collaboration, transparency, and performance-based accountability for its agents. The Company empowers everyone with this platform and, most importantly, provides clients with more control, certainty, and peace of mind.